Bunion Surgery in Orange County California

Help with bunions from a Bunion Surgeon in Orange County, located in Irvine California


Pre-operative and Post-operative Bunion Surgery Pictures


What is a bunion?


Bunions and foot pain are treated in our clinic located in Irvine California. Dr. Kolodenker is a bunion surgeon in orange county that specializes in minimally invasive and complex bunion surgery. He also performs revision bunion surgery.


A painful bunion is a deformity where the 1st metatarsal is deviated medially and the great toe drifts laterally.

The bunion pathology increases with age and is sped up with wearing high heeled shoes.

The reason people develop bunions is multifactorial. Bunions are mostly a hereditary entity.

Some patients complain that there is

ball of foot pain

and pain on the side of the big toe joint.

Bunion Treatment in Orange County


It is best to avoid ever developing bunions.

Wearing orthotics may limit the pronatory force that plays into causing a bunion deformity. Once a bunion has developed, orthotics may be used to slow down the progression of the deformity. If symptoms persist, wider shoes can be bought to accommodate for the bunion pain.

Bunion splints, pads, cushions, and spacers are availabe for purchase online.


Bunion splints, pads, cushions, and spacers are availabe for purchase online


Surgery for Bunions by a Foot and Ankle Specialist in Orange County


Recovery from bunion surgery will depend on the severity of the bunion deformity.

I place the incision where it can barely be seen when standing.

I also perform a plastic closure to minimize scarring.

You will be walking in a surgical shoe for a short period of time.

Most patients can anticipate to return to tennis shoes, sneakers in 3 weeks.

Post Surgery Bunion Pain


There is ususally minimal pain after the bunion procedure.

Pain medication is given for breathrough pain.


What is Laser Bunion Surgery?


Studies have shown that using a scalpel for incision and cuting of skin is more beneficial than laser.

What is minimally invasive Bunion Surgery?


Minimally invasive bunion surgery is a good option for patients with minor to moderate bunion condition

The bunion is shaved off without correction of the 1st metatarsal angle.

Healing is faster since bone is not broken



Dr. Kolodenker is a Bunion Specialist Surgeon near Newport Beach, in Irvine, CA. Revision bunion surgery expert in Orange County. (949)651-1202



Common Bunion Questions Answered



What is a Bunion?


Pre-operative and Post-operative Bunion Surgery Pictures


Bunion Picture Pre Op and Post Op 3 months after surgery


Bunion Pictures Before and After Surgery


Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery Pictures Before and After Operation


bunion surgery pictures before and after


Chevron or Kalish bunionectomy with an Akin surgery done in Orange County CA


bunion surgeon in newport beach california before and after pictures


bunion surgery before and after picture - bunion expert in orange county - irvine - newport - mission viejo


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